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one water: our water

The City of Apache Junction knows that water has always been a fundamental part of the community’s past, and is critical to the community’s present, and future. That is why the Apache Junction 2020 General Plan has a water resource element called AJ One H20. This section of the plan highlights the community’s two water providers, the Apache Junction Water District and Arizona Water Company, and outlines two important goals: Goal 8.1 to Advance Water Quality and Quantity, and Goal 8.2 to Strengthen Water Conservation. Water Conservation means reducing water waste, or water not being used for a beneficial purpose, and using our water as wisely and efficiently as possible. Although the city has two separate water utilities, we are one community with common goals for the future, and one water. To achieve the water resource goals stated in the 2020 general plan and to make sure everyone is doing their part to use water responsibly, the City and its two water utilities, the Apache Junction Water District and Arizona Water Company, have come together to launch One Water: Our Water, an integrated demand management program. This program highlights the conservation efforts that all three entities have been doing and brings forward two new elements: a public messaging campaign through Facebook, and large landscape irrigation water audits.

One Community Coming Together

For the first time, the City, the Water District and Arizona Water are collaborating on the topic of water conservation so that residents can have a central location to learn all about what conservation resources are already available to them, what the water resources for the community are and what actions they can take to conserve water. Every month, the Facebook public messaging campaign will cover a unique topic related to water conservation so residents can learn all the ways they can save water. Topics can range from outdoor landscaping tips, how to find and fix basic leaks in the home, and even how to have a vegetable garden while being wise about water use.

In addition to providing information for residential water users, the program also provides commercial water users with large landscapes with free irrigation water use assessments so our largest water users know how they can save water in their landscaping. Water conservation works best when everyone is doing their part. The One Water: Our Water program aims to provide information and resources for all water users in Apache Junction to be able to conserve.

Finding the balance between a desired quality of life and using water wisely can be tough. This program brings together the city, and its two water utilities to ensure that Apache Junction finds that balance because we are one community, with one water, our water!

Wondering which utility serves water to your home?

*Additional information on the different layers.
The Arizona Water Company – Superstition Water System: This area includes Apache Junction (with unincorporated areas served around the City), Gold Canyon and the Town of Superior.
For the City of Apache Junction – MPA (Municipal Planning Area): This includes designated boundaries that the City of Apache Junction could potentially expand to.

Apache Junction Water District: Mike Loggins, Director | Email: [email protected] | Phone: 480-982-6030 | Website: https://www.ajwaterdistrict.org/

Arizona Water Company: Phone: 602-240-6860 | Email: [email protected] | Website: www.AZWATER.com

How can you help?

Our goal is to achieve the water resource goals in the 2020 General Plan. Saving water can be as simple as fixing a leaky faucet, a toilet leak or adjusting your irrigation schedule so that your plants are receiving the appropriate amount of water they need. Follow the One Water: Our Water campaign on Facebook to get tips and access to conservation resources. If we all do our part and save a little, we all benefit a lot!

Questions about One Water: Our Water?

Have questions about the One Water: Our Water campaign that aren’t answered on this page? Head over to our One Water: Our Water campaign FAQs page!

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If you have customer service questions for Arizona Water Company, please contact them directly:

Phone: 602-240-6860 | Email: [email protected] | Website: www.AZWATER.com

Apache Junction Water District:
Email: [email protected] | Phone: 480-982-6030 |
Website: https://www.ajwaterdistrict.org/

City of Apache Junction:
Email: [email protected] | Phone: 480-982-8002 |
Website: https://www.apachejunctionaz.gov/

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